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For Pepe Aguilar to find a place in the world was not difficult. The balance between art and commerce came naturally in an organic way. Informed, of course, with all that means to be a singer and songwriter with global sales of over 12 million records. And, being the son of two Mexican icons: Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre.

"Being born during a tour, having studied my craft on the road has given a very particular philosophy to my career," says Pepe with the same feeling of elegance and honesty that characterize his songs.

"My father and I shared respect for tradition, not just music," he emphasizes.

"Family traditions, history, certain forms and ways of being that we find essential. My father's career was a great inspiration to me. Antonio Aguilar risked everything to dignify Mexican music in countries that were not his own. "

It is not coincidentally that Pepe Aguilar speaks this way. The singer changed the course of his career with a new production that unites - in many ways - the past, present and future of Mexican music.

Celebrating his 50th Birthday, Pepe Aguilar’s work goes beyond being an interpreter; always creating new projects, growing as a musician, producer, composer, every facet that makes an artist.

Focusing on his most recent release ... "Fué Un Placer Conocerte (Gracias Juan Gabriel Vol. 1)", covering classics penned by Alberto Aguilera Valadez "Juan Gabriel", a close friend of Pepe’s for many years, they shared a sincere affection for one another and a deep admiration for the professional is just a small part that Pepe can describe with words about Juan Gabriel.
2 years after his passing, Pepe Aguilar pays tribute to him with his voice and interpretation.

Selecting songs for a record-tribute is complicated, especially when there is a musical legacy like Juan Gabriel’s; there is no doubt that Pepe Aguilar found those songs creating a unique album that will make his audience remember, cherish and recognize the unforgettable songs in one of Latin America’s best voices.

Along with this release, Pepe Aguilar continues with his tour "Jaripeo sin Fronteras", making history during 2018 performing to over which 100 thousand people during 5 different nights, selling out venues throughout Mexico and the United States.
Jaripeo Sin Fronteras is a unique show that blends the tradition of the authentic jaripeo, the music, great production values along with Pepe and his family, exalting Mexican traditions and values.

Pepe Aguilar 's career progressed in parallel with the absolute transformation of the music industry over the past 25 years.

When Pepe took his first steps in the music business , he did so recording albums did for a company that worked within the traditional model. Even then, Pepe began to mark a “before and after” for regional Mexican music. The arrival of the new millennium was accompanied by an unparalleled cultural explosion.
The digital revolution, social media and the collapse of the old business models hinted an unmistakable truth: To become an independent artist was not an option, but rather the only way to survive.

Quickly reaping the benefits of artistic freedom , Pepe began to produce his music and concerts thinking only of his fans, without having to answer to the whims of any multinational. He became the owner of his catalog, he started his own radio station and surrounded himself with suitable partners.

The results are obvious. Considered by critics of all major newspapers and magazines in the United States as " a real star of Latin music," Pepe has garnered an impressive amount of awards: six Grammy Awards and three Latin Grammy awards, thirteen Lo Nuestro Awards - including the coveted "Excellence Award" along several Latin Billboard awards, including a special recognition for his musical legacy. Fifteen of his recordings have reached the top of the Billboard charts, expanding the boundaries of the genre and seducing radio stations that never before had opened the door to this kind of music. To paraphrase the legendary Rubén Fuentes: "Pepe Aguilar is a before and after in Mexican music."

Proof positive that Pepe had transcended borders to leave an everlasting mark in international culture was the addition in 2012 of his own star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, alongside celebrities from all corners of the planet.

Beyond his success as a singer, Pepe has celebrated his love of music - all kinds of music, from rock to electronica - collaborating as composer and/or producer with great Latin artists such as Julieta Venegas, Lupita D' Alessio , Ely Guerra and rapper Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas. Dabbling in television, accepted the challenge of composing the themes for OYE Awards and Mexico’s famed Telethon.

The success of Pepe Aguilar is a rebel success , because it relies on an unusual combination of challenging structures and respecting the past.

"There is a paradox in all this," he reflects. "On one hand, I maintain respect for the essence of this music, the history that has shaped the genre. On the other hand, I love to break the forms. I am not worried about this contradiction, because at the end of the day, I do what my heart dictates. I have achieved a balance I can live with. I can continue the tradition while modifying it. I do not have to choose. It is this solid foundation with the support of my family that sustains me."

Pepe Aguilar in figures:

  • Has released 27 albums, among which:

    • Fue Un Placer Conocerte (Gracias Juan Gabriel Vol. 1) - 2018

    • No Lo Había Dicho (2016)

    • MTV Unplugged (2014)

    • Lástima Que Sean Ajenas (2013)

    • Mas De Un Camino (2012)

    • Bicentenario (2010)

    • Enamorado (2006)

    • Historias de mi Tierra (2005)

    • 100% Mexicano (2007)

  • 13 million + records sold

  • Leader in the fusion of the most popular genres of Latin music: Mariachi and Pop

  • Most awarded Regional Mexican Artist of the industry:

    • 15 Billboard #1’s (USA)

    • 13 Lo Nuestro Awards (including the Excellence Awards)

    • 9 Grammy Awards (NARAS and LARAS)

    • Billboard Awards including The Musical Legacy Award , "TV y Novelas" Awards, "Furia Musical" Awards, "Oye" Awards, “De La Gente" Awards

  • Star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, July 2012

  • Producer and songwriter of: Lupita D' Alessio , Edith Marquez, Guadalupe Pineda , Julieta Venegas , Ely Guerra, Taboo (Black Eyed Peas)

  • Leading artist in the Social Media space serving a community that exceeds 6 million followers.

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