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Penny Tovar is an internet personality, entrepreneur, registered nurse, and advocate for sustainability, clean beauty, education, and Hispanic culture. 
Tovar launched her channel under the alias ‘Curly Penny’ the summer after graduating high school on her quest to find self-love after difficult years of low self-esteem and not feeling beautiful without makeup. While she enjoyed being the go-to for all things curly hair, Tovar had a stronger message to convey as a First Generation Mexican American who graduated in the top 10% of her class (specifically being the only brown girl in her cohort).  In a world where Mexicans in the United States had the worst high school graduate rates, Tovar was on quest to prove it didn’t have to be that way.
Tovar is a strong advocate for sustainable fashion as well – her belief is that it is as simple as making the most of what you already have.  Her advice, to upcycle pieces you already own to spice up your wardrobe instead of buying it new.  Tovar encourages her audience to research specific brands, and support the ones who are acknowledging and confronting climate change with their practices.
Tovar, first inspired by the videos that angered her, now uses her channel to speak to important issues via comedy, humanity, and kindness.  Whether she is discussing her education experience, renting a farm for the week, or speaking to the ingredients and importance of clean beauty, Tovar has captivated the eyes of many; more specifically, over 1 million followers across platforms – and also collaborated with such brands as First Aid Beauty, Love Beauty & Planet, Not Your Mother’s, and more. 
Tovar plans to continue to bring important points of discussion to multiple platforms, including her recent attendance and speaking at the United Nations Climate Summit in September 2019.
Tovar is represented by Abrams Artists Agency and Scale Management.
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