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Founder & CEO Angel "AROCK" Castillo to the trusted music source "BPM SUPREME" for DJs and Producers around the world, offering unlimited access to both audio and video.  He's a great example of true Entrepreneurship & Si Se Puede!

To the average music listener, BPM Supreme may not be the household name that Spotify is, but to a working DJ, BPM Supreme is the Holy Grail. What started as a company with five employees working out of Castillo’s living room is now a booming music subscription service with over 30 in-house employees, a significant growth year over year and expanding to a second office in Los Angeles currently under construction and opening in Oct. 2019.

Today, BPM Supreme is the #1 website for DJs in the world – ranked higher than all of their competition, and showing zero signs of slowing down! The word continues to spread about BPM Supreme and its audience has quickly realized that this brand is about more just music. From tutorials and tools, to original video content and newsletters, every piece of the BPM Supreme brand is thoughtfully crafted to help to enhance a DJ’s career.

Info & Quotes from CEO Jose "AROCK" Castillo below:
Jose "AROCK" Castillo, a native of San Diego, CA this Mexican-American started to DJ at 15 years old and always knew his life was meant for more. Now at the age of 32 years this trailblazer's company BPM Supreme has expanded rapidly, launched a mobile app and more! With the music industry focusing more energy than ever on music discovery and streaming, the BPM Supreme mobile app has arrived just in time. Imagine the largest library of downloadable audio and video built specifically for DJs in an easy to use, beautifully designed app. Sure, Castillo says that the mobile version of BPM Supreme’s website has always been optimized and user-friendly, but the mobile app offers much more. “Our app is going to revolutionize the way that DJs discover music. Not only will they find everything they already love about BPM Supreme in the app, but they’ll also have access to stream mixes, curated sets, and our entire library in HQ from anywhere,” Castillo said.

“BPM Supreme has all of the music a working DJ needs like top charts and classics. But what you’ll also find is a variety of underground and indie artists, independent record labels, and a multitude of exclusive versions from local and world famous DJs alike. It’s incredibly vast,” Castillo said. The BPM Supreme mobile app is a giant leap forward in the ever-changing music industry landscape. In 2019 and beyond, Castillo says that BPM Supreme will continue to evolve and never away from what’s on the horizon.

“Look at a company like Amazon, how they started out, and what their business model looks like today,” Castillo said. “Many people don’t always agree when they see a risk I’m willing to take, but I think if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. That belief is reflected in my business plan.”

While you need a paid subscription to BPM Supreme to get unlimited access the app, non- members can also stream and preview audio. With premium features like curated sets and video downloading however, Castillo is confident that the app preview will convert any non-believers into loyal customers and “BPM Supreme family” immediately.

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